We teach what the Bible says about marriage and family through small  groups and seminars here in the US and in Uganda, East Africa. Our focus is to teach families to leave a lasting Godly legacy to their children and their children’s children focusing on three main areas: Social, Spiritual and emotional legacies; and Purity before and during marriage.

Biblical Legacies for Families

Course Goals:

  • Define a biblical family.
  • Establish marriage as the foundation of the family unit.
  • Empower parents to be all God intended them to be.
  • Encourage sexual purity before and during marriage from the pre-adolescent to the adult.

Course topics:
Session 1 – Tell our story of sin, repentance, and redemption in our marriage and family
Session 2 – A Biblical Foundation for Your Family – Marriage – Husband and Wife
Session 3 – Godly Parenting – Emotional & Spiritual Legacy
Session 4 – Godly Discipline – The Social Legacy
Session 5 – Child Development part 1
Session 6 – Child Development part 2 & Purity Before and during Marriage
Session 7 – Wrap up

A good person leaves an inheritance for their Children's Children.

~ Proverbs 13:22