Maxey Family Legacy Ministries

Maxey Family Legacies Ministries (MFLM) is a Christ centered non-profit 501(C) 3 ministry whose goal is to glorify the name of God by building family legacies according to the Word of God here in the US and internationally.

Our Mission Statement

Maxey Family Legacy Ministries’ mission is encouraging families throughout the world to pass Godly legacies down to their children and their children’s children.

Vision Statement

Acknowledging that God’s divine plan for the family is a married man and woman with their children. Maxey Family Legacy Ministries mission is to teach Biblical legacies that align with God’s word in the areas of Marriage, Emotional, Social, Spiritual legacies and sexual purity. We strive to accomplish this mission by equipping Christian leaders with the tools needed to pass these legacies on to their congregations through seminars and conferences.

A Brief History

Maxey Family Legacy Ministries (MFLM) is the ministry of Fred and Andrea Maxey. MFLM started with a conversation with Pastor John Lataaya, of Word of Victory Church in the Namatumba district of Uganda; expressing his desire to build stronger families in the Namatumba district to strengthen the region so the future leaders of the region and country would have a strong Christian Background. Fred traveled to Uganda in July of 2013 and preached a message about Godly parenting which was very well received in the small village of Namatumba however Pastor John would like that message of Godly parenting to be taught throughout the district which Pastor John is bishop over. This lead to the idea of developing a parenting conference for the area pastors so they can go back and teach it to their congregations. Thus MFLM was conceived and born.


A good person leaves an inheritance for their Children's Children.

~ Proverbs 13:22