In early October Andrea and I were in Namutumba for 13 days. While we were there God moved in ways we had not experienced before. We went with a schedule and that schedule didn’t work out as we had planned. God had a better plan for us and we are in awe again and again how He works things out for His glory!

Most of our Schedule worked out just fine; however, we had planned to host a thank you luncheon of the pastors who had hosted one of our seminars in the past. The day we planned to do it the President of  Uganda was coming to town and he would overshadow our event. so we had to cancel the luncheon.  When we made our schedule we left several days open so we could look for a place to live when we return in July 2018 for a four month stay. We were able to look at some properties and found one we really felt we were being drawn to by the Lord. It is five acres a little less than a mile outside of the town of Namutumba. It is on a small rise overlooking the plains of Uganda.

We started investigating how we could go about purchasing the property. We were able to meet with the local government officials and get great information about how to purchase the land. We were met with much enthusiasm about building a maternity home for young girls who are pregnant. we were told time and again that it is something that is needed in the area. It is rather sad that it is needed at all but it is needed.

We met with a lawyer who is guiding us through the process of getting our NGO certificate so we can purchase the property. A foreigner is not allowed to own property, but a company is allowed. We are in that process now. Pray we find favor with the authorities who must approve us.

We were also able to teach our parenting portion of our Family Legacies Seminar to the staff of Wakisa Ministries, several of their board members, a couple of professional counselors, and several staff from a HIV children’s center. It was humbling to present to such a professional audience. we were very well received and thanked for new information that will help them in their respective professions. The founder/Director of Wakisa Ministries, Vivian Kityo has been a huge help by giving great advice, encouragement, and prayer. God has something very big planned for us and He is guiding us along the way. It is so humbling to think that our omnipotent God would use us, His limited finite sons and daughters to accomplish His work of caring for the most vulnerable of His children. Believe me when I say we could not do any of this on our own. God is our leader and guidance in all we do. Please keep us in your prayers.

This plan of His has a big financial commitment with it, but we are confident that He will provide for our every need according to His riches and for His glory.  God bless and until next time.