Our local Partners are conducting a marriage and parenting seminar this week, May 11-12, please keep them in your prayers.

We have been invited to speak to a group of parents at a local church about teens, sex and purity in our area next weekend, May 21. This is our first local speaking engagement. We are hoping for more opportunities encourage families to seek God and His word on how to have God honoring families.

We so excited about what God is doing with the ministry He has entrusted us with and I want to share with everyone.

Our partners in Uganda are planning a mass wedding for all the believers who were married before they became born again believers to seal their marriage in covenant with God.

There are three more parenting seminars being planned for the next twelve months, two will be given by those we have trained and the final one in next October we will go and do.

While we are there next October we will be house hunting because we will be moving to Uganda in July 2018 for 4-5 months at a time to further our work there.

God has given us a heart for the people there and He has told us we need to go and serve Him by serving the people in Uganda. Prayers are much appreciated and if you would like to partner with us financially that would also be very much appreciated.
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